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The registered office of the company will be situated in the State of Delhi.

The objects of the company will be as follows and the directors shall apply the same, without any discrimination of the caste, creed, sex, color or religion or any other thing.

The objects of the company extend to the whole of India.

Welfare Programme

Healthcare Support

To promote primary health care to if and when required, and to make it accessible to all by providing the same at their doorsteps with particular attention to the child health care, adolescent girls, women and to create health awareness among the underprivileged children, girls and women.

To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness program and to make, develop, build, and promote Health Care Centre for the underprivileged public.

To arrange and provide such medical aid and such other assistance necessary for living to the needy persons who are otherwise incapable or handicapped or mentally or physically retarded.

To promote and provide medical support to needy people.

Higher Education for Underprivileged

To promote, administer, advertise, either on its own or through fully equipped schools, playschools, colleges, educational institutes, universities including deemed or autonomous Universities and to promote and disseminate knowledge, create awareness and provide a common form of interaction amongst academicians, professionals establish effective co-ordination, to organize training courses and special programs to impart training education in all disciplines.

To promote work for education and of IT & Women Entrepreneurship Skill Training Industrial & Education Training, Entrepreneur Programme and MSME trainings, Hand Made Paper Bags Training Industrial Motivation Campaign, Solar Power Plant Training and other related trainings.

To promote and run in any part of Study centre, oral coaching classes, where in professional technical, vocational or higher education in every field of science, commerce, arts, computers, self-defence training and martial arts or any other type of education be imparted by conducting regular, part time classes and to promote teacher welfare activities.

To promote, administer, advertise and conduct welfare programs for Teachers by the way of providing facilities and other technical and vocational trainings, which help them to improve their knowledge and skills.

Mental Health Awareness

To Mental health service delivery and to remove barriers include the existing public health priorities: challenges to the delivery of mental health care in primary care settings: the low numbers of those trained in mental health care.

Animal Aid

To make adequate arrangements and start the hospitals, forest lands. Van-Uddhan for birds and animals for all and for injured-ill birds and animals.